We are an innovation consulting firm, a digital agency and a fearless startup studio. TunaFanya design and develop your most ambitious projects.


in TunaFanya , designers and developers are working hand in hand to join the beautiful to the effective. From the media site to the e-commerce site, from the visual identity to the application … it’s our first expertise, it’s up to you to challenge us. The user experience is always at the heart of our approach, to optimize the relationship between our customers and their users.


TunaFanya Advertising is an advertising agency and communication consultancy, the sum of an association of several skills. Born out of its desire to offer real strategic advice to its clients in addition to its know-how. TunaFanya Advertising is focusing on an approach that recreates emotion around products and brands. Our goal is to create experiences, more than just campaigns: It’s a commitment to our customers. TunaFanya Advertising is a laboratory of ideas, inspirations and innovations, and the trust of our customers gives us the courage of these ideas. At TunaFanya Advertising, we like to dare, we work more than in a team, it’s a creative family where we share the same spirit, both professionally and humanly.