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The term web design is sometimes used against the meaning and confused with graphic design. Web-design is not only the visual or artistic design of a site, since it takes into account all the parameters specific to the web, creation, web-marketing and technology. Web design refers to the design of the web interface by:

  • interactive architecture.
  • the organization of the pages.
  • the organization of the pages, the tree (horizontal / vertical menu, up / down, right / left).
  • navigation within a website.

These phases are therefore essential to the design of a website with the aim of optimizing ergonomics, usability and accessibility. we think we can bring a unique benefit and a vision that another company will not provide, creativity is our world.


To stand out, our graphic design studio imagines, creates and adapts your image for each communication medium. Visual communication allows you to catch the eye and capture attention. The impact must be immediate.

Our artistic talents play a major role in each of our interventions (website creation, flash animation, paper brochure, flyer, advertising, web marketing …).

TunaFanya creates a graphic chart in adequacy with the image that you wish to convey. if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.