Our experience in website creation, and our knowledge of new informations and communication technologies associated with web-marketing, allows us to comprehensively understand the problems of information systems. That’s why TunaFanya makes it easy for you to design / create your website and simplify your development on the Web.


The Progressive Web App or PWA is a technology built like a website but that acts as a mobile application. It combines the best features of web and mobile applications and provides a great mobile user experience. You still hesitate between a responsive website or a native application. 

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Think of the third option: The Progressive Web APP. Popularized by Google in 2015, thanks to improvements in web languages (HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript) and web browsers, the progressive web app has quickly become an excellent alternative to classic smartphone applications.


More and more people are using the internet to find information, compare products before making a purchase, find online services … Creating a website showcase allows you to gain visibility on the net. It is an indispensable communication tool to provide Internet users with the information they are looking for about your company, products or services. It is also a way to improve the brand image by highlighting your business through relevant content that is useful to users.​

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A Good Website is better than a beautiful Website.

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